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April 14 - December 31 1995

Austin Peck's First Day

Carrie and Austin's Engagement and Failed Wedding

Sami's various schemes to keep them apart.

Emily gets a line on where Ty is She had decided to leave, but her conscience got the better of her and she came back to help them. Austin [Now Austin Peck] helps Carrie dress as a hooker, and she plans to tell Ty that she's ready to do what he wants. Actually, it was Emily who helped get Carrie slutted-up, and Austin said she'd bait Ty "over his dead body".

Carrie tells Austin that she loves him. Austin decides that when they find Sami he'll tell Carrie about sleeping with Sami. Ty finds Carrie [she went undercover as a street walker despite Austin's protests, and attempts to take her at knifepoint until Austin comes to her rescue, and the cops arrest Ty.
Ty denies knowing where Sami is [he said he saw her and offered her work, but then she took off and he doesn't know where. Carrie and Austin admit that they still love each other, and start to make out, and Carrie asks him to make love to her, but then Austin gets a flaskback of seeing her with Lucas, and pulls back. They are interrupted anyway by Emily.] A girl named Jill [one of Ty's girls, or ex-girls now that he's in jail] claims to have seen Sami a week ago, and says she was calling herself 'Jean' [Carrie remembers that Jean (actually, it's 'Gene' after Eugene Bradford) is Sami's middle name. Jill says Sami said she was leaving town again, because she realized the people she was running away from were looking for her. Nobody knows where she went. Then Emily reveals to Austin that she read about his mother's fatal plane crash in the newspaper.] Carrie helps comfort Austin when he learns about Kate.

On Friday, Jamie tells Lucas that they should tell Austin the truth about his making love with Sami, not Carrie. On the flight back home, Austin admits to Carrie he feels somehow that his mother survived the plane crash. [He also has a dream about him and Carrie being together again, and her telling him she's going to have his baby.] When they arrive in Salem, Billie explains to Austin about the pilot's claim that he fell asleep, even after drinking a lot of coffee. Carrie hugs Lucas and offers her sympathy to him [Austin glares at them through the window.] After confiding to Billie that he saw Lucas and Carrie making love, Billie asks Carrie about her relationship with Lucas. Austin confesses to Carrie that he loves her, and suggests that Lucas better look out. Carrie claims that she would never sleep with anyone other than him, since she loves him. Austin finally realizes something weird is going on regarding Carrie's alleged encounter with Lucas, and decides to get to the bottom of it.

Carrie assures Austin that she and Lucas were never lovers [Austin gets all pissed at Lucas for not telling him, but Lucas turns it around and makes Austin admit that he never actually asked him if he had slept with Carrie. She then adds that she doesn't care who he made love to when he was drunk, since that's in the past.

On Tuesday, Austin and Carrie wake up after spending the night together at Austin's place. They talk about how they overcame the obstacles between them and found each other again. Jonah ruins the moment by showing up with little Benjamin, admitting Wendy's apartment is being painted and he doesn't want Benjamin exposed to the paint fumes. He learns that Carrie does not know that Austin slept with Sami. Austin is so happy to have Carrie back that he thinks he might not tell her about sleeping with Sami after all. He doesn't want to risk losing her again. He asks Jonah to come with him to help him make a very special purchase for Carrie. When Carrie stops by to talk Marlena about how happy she is with Austin, the demon within Marlena urges her to find out who Austin slept with. Austin is about to propose to Carrie when she interrupts him and asks about the person he slept with. Austin assures Carrie that she is the only woman he loves [thereby avoiding revealing the name of the person he slept with. She accepts his proposal and his diamond ring.

On Tuesday, Carrie and Austin tell Caroline and Shawn that they are engaged They break out the champagne. Carrie would like Austin to have Lucas be his best man, while she would like Sami as her maid of honor, if they could find her. Lucas boasts to Jamie of his plan to put Carrie on a world tour for the company. Jamie points out to Lucas that Carrie and Austin have always gotten back together regardless of what has come between them. Lucas insists that Carrie deserves better, and plans to take her to the Taj Mahal, Venice, Paris, etc. on 'Countess Wilhelmina business. Hearing that Austin intends to marry Carrie in June. He realizes he must do something, because upon mentioning the European cities to Carrie, she commented that they sound like wonderful honeymoon locations. Lucas is confused, and then Austin and Carrie announce their engagement.

Carrie and Austin tell Bo and Billie that they are engaged. Carrie tells Bo that she would like Roman to give her away at the wedding. Roman is still supposed to be incommunicado, but Bo says he'll see what he can do. Austin dreams that Sami came back and will support anything he tells Carrie, and Sami also says she's glad Carrie and Austin are together. Carrie returns to Austin's apartment after they said their goodnights, and she went to her own apartment. He said he didn't know how to ask her to spend the night. She says he doesn't have to ask. Meanwhile, Sami eyes a poster that lists her as missing, but she denies to the person that shows it to her that the person is her. She also clearly does not intend to ever return to Salem.

On Monday, a scheming Vivian talks Lucas into apologizing to Billie, Austin, and Carrie. At first he says No Way, but Vivian assures him that her plan will work. Austin is puzzled when Lucas hugs Billie and thanks her for helping him get through the death of Kate, and he also apologizes for his outburst earlier, and says he's realized they should work together as a family for baby Phillip's sake, and it was what his mother wanted. When Victor sees that she got the children back together, he gives her Kate's job. Billie and Austin are shocked, but agree to give her a chance. Lucas now wants Vivian to work her magic to get him Carrie, before her wedding to Austin in June, or he'll place doubts in Victor's mind regarding Vivian's ability to handle Kate's job. Later, Carrie and Austin have a kissy smoochy picnic in the park.

On Thursday, Lucas announces that he's going to throw an engagement party for Carrie and Austin to prove what a great guy he is. There was a board meeting at Titan for Countess Wilhelmina big shots. Billie freaked when Vivian was about to sit in Kate's former seat, and asked if it could remain empty in honor of Kate. Victor agrees. Carrie brings up the idea of having a 'June bride' theme for Bella magazine. Victor likes it, but figures other magazines will be doing it as well, so it needs something unique. Billie suggests they document the steps leading to Carrie and Austin's wedding. Carrie and Austin agree to it, and Victor likes the idea, and also mentions that Kate would have loved it. Aside, Vivian tells Lucas that he can't show his emotional side to Carrie. The others have bought Lucas' act thus far, but Austin is still wary.

Since it is too hot to sleep, Austin & Carrie and Jonah & Wendy spend a romantic evening on the roof watching the meteor shower. Carrie talks about her worries about Sami. Austin confides to Jonah that he wants to tell Carrie about sleeping with Sami. Austin suggess that Jonah should marry Wendy but he says he is not ready for marriage.

After a photo shoot with a 1920's theme at Titan, Carrie and Austin get dressed up in the costumes and spend a romantic evening together. Carrie says she's a real nostalgia buff and enjoys being transported into another time period. Part of this evening is witnessed by Lucas. Later Austin asks Lucas to be his best man and he accepts. Lucas confronts Vivian, saying she has 24 hours to start breaking up Carrie and Austin before he goes to Victor. Vivian decided that she'd created a monster.
On Wednesday, Jonah learns that Austin has asked Lucas to be his best man, not him. He's hurt, but Austin explains that it seems as if Lucas may be coming around and accepting him as part of the family. Wendy agrees to be a bridesmaid, but wonders how she'll pay for the dress. Jonah offers to pay for it, but Wendy refuses, and doesn't want to burden Carrie with her problem either. She's relieved to learn Maggie and Alice will make all the dresses, and with material from a discount store too.Victor invites Austin and Carrie to hold their reception at the Titan Grille [he says it's what Kate would have wanted, and they accept. Carrie says her life is almost perfect -- if only she could find Sami. Meanwhile, in Washington state, two girls talk about a weird girl named Sami. They discuss how angry she can be, and how she's able to wrap men around her finger. With the exorcism underway, John turns away a concerned Carrie.

Sami get a lift from a truckie and arrives back in Salem. Jamie sees Sami. Carrie, still very concerned about Marlena, goes to see her. Carrie visits Marlena who has glasses on, so Carrie doesn't realize. Carrie tells Marlena about her wedding plans but Marlena/devil tells Carrie that Austin is seeing someone else.

Marlena/devil tells Carrie about the other woman in Austin's life. Carrie rushes to see Austin and accuses him. Austin can't take it and decides he has to tell her about sleeping with Sami. John finds Austin and Carrie arguing and Carrie tells him what Marlena said. John realizes what Marlena/devil has done and tells them the truth. Jamie tells Sami that Austin and Carrie are getting married. She can't take it and decides to leave again. Carrie and Austin continue to organize their wedding. They can't get flowers. Austin asks Lucas to be best man. Lucas continues to pester Vivian about her promise to help him get Carrie. If she doesn't help him, he'll tell Victor everything. Tony comes to Carrie and Austin's rescue and orders flowers from overseas. Kristen and John pray over Marlena/devil. John tells devil he can't play anymore tricks like the one he pulled on Carrie and Austin because they are still getting married. Marlena/devil tells him they won't marry because there are other people who don't want them together.
Lucas can't stand seeing Carrie being fitted for her wedding dress. Carrie and Austin have postponed the wedding for a few weeks, to allow more time to find Sami and for Marlena to get well. Their courtship etc. will be featured in the August issue of Bella. He pressures Vivian to find Sami and get her back to Salem. Vivian's P.I. finds Sami in Seattle and is ordered to get her back to town. Sami catches on that someone is looking for her and hides. Meanwhile, Austin and Carrie receive an anonymous gift from someone in Seattle, a set of goblets similar to those Roman and Marlena had. When they toast, the glasses shatter.

Sami manages to pull a fast one of Vivian's detective in Seattle. He doesn't find her. Sami says she won't go back to Salem until she can come up with a way to convince Austin that he should be with her and not Carrie, and she realizes that she doesn't have much time left. Vivian comes up with another plan and decides to move up the issue of Bella featuring Carrie and Austin on the cover dressed to get married. Vivian plans to feature them in the July issue instead. After accidentally smashing the wine goblets, Carrie's upset that it's a bad omen. Austin goes and purchases another and assures her that everything will be fine.

Austin reveals to Carrie that someone from the hospital called about a problem with their blood test. Austin fears that he might have the HIV infection. He tells Carrie that when he slept with the 'other woman', he was so drunk he can't remember if he used protection. Carrie is forgiving and understanding, and says she wouldn't blame him if he infected her, but the two are told later that Carrie is anemic and needs some vitamins. Billie explains to Austin and Carrie about her doubts about Bo and Gina, especially since seeing Bo and Gina kiss while on a stake-out.

The staff at Titan throw Carrie a bridal shower. The July issue of Bella is conveniently heavily distributed to Seattle. Sami sees it (Carrie's on the cover) and freaks. She reads about Carrie and Austin's courtship and upcoming marriage. She has to come up with a way to get Austin back. She steals a car and cracks it up. Lucas cringes as he watches Carrie and Austin together, but Vivian tells him that Sami is probably on her way back to Salem as they speak.

Sami is taken to the hospital after her accident. She refuses to give her name, but Vivian's detective tracks her down anyway. Vivian's detective calls Lucas with the news. Carrie suspects that Jamie is interested in dating Lucas. Lucas announces to Jamie that there will be no wedding between Austin and Carrie. He's going to find Sami and she'll reveal that she slept with Austin, and they'll break up. Lucas says he'll do anything to get the woman he loves. Jamie later admits to Carrie that she admires how determined Lucas is when he wants something.

Lucas scowls and pouts as he watches Austin and Carrie drool all over each other at the Brady Pub. The wedding is only a few days away. Lucas calls Vivian and orders her to get on the next plane to Seattle to bring Sami back. Sami, meanwhile, is in trouble. The owner of the car she wrecked has decided to press charges. With Ashley's help, she plans her escape back to Salem. Since Sami is in a lot of pain, the nurse gives her an injection, but Sami finds out too late that it's a tranquilizer. She struggles to stay awake but can hardly stand. Her escape will have to wait. Vivian and Ivan arrive in Seattle and locate Sami's room, but it is guarded by a cop. She learns that when Sami is released, she's going to jail. Carrie is excited when Austin tells her that Marlena's bridesmaid dress is ready. But soon John arrives at the Pub and tells everyone that Marlena has died. Carrie is grief- stricken and she and Austin decide to postpone the wedding. Lucas is thrilled. John finds it hard to deal with Marlena's death. John goes to the morgue and discovers that Marlena is not dead, and still possessed. He finally exorcises the demon from her, and takes her to St. Luke’s so her family can see she’s alive. Later, Carrie asks Marlena to be matron of honor if Sami fails to come back to Salem in time. Marlena refuses at first. She feels very uncomfortable about being at St. Luke's after the things she did there. John reassures her that everyone loves her and no one holds her responsible for what she has done. Marlena agrees to be in Carrie's wedding, but insists that if Sami comes home, she be the maid of honor instead. 

Vivian hired a lawyer to help Sami out. He counsels Sami to play innocent and apologetic to the man whose car she wrecked, but he doesn't fall for it. Sami continues to try to escape and get back to Salem, but can't get past the police guard at her door. Determined to bring Sami back, Vivian decides to check into the man's background, and dons a disguise before going to his office. Sami talks Ashley into trying to help her escape from the hospital, but the cop at the door catches Sami before she can escape, and Sami is taken to jail and into custody. When Mr. Panetta [the guy whose car she wrecked] claims that Sami is a juvenile delinquent and needs the same punishment his mother would have given, Vivian spots a photo of his mother, and later arranges for Ivan, who coincidentally bears a striking resemblance to her to pose as Sami's mother. The ruse works, and he agrees to drop the charges, only to learn that Sami's been arrested and placed in jail. The police officer says that since Sami's already been booked, Mr. Panetta can't drop the charges. Anyway, Sami still refuses to give her last name. Somehow, Mr. Panetta knew her last name though, but I don't know if this was a blooper or if I missed something. There is a flyer in the police station regarding Sami's disappearance, but it gets buried under files and nobody recognizes her. Vivian and Ivan try to think of what to do.

It is the day before Austin & Carrie's wedding. They again see Marlena to make sure she is up to being matron-of honour. Marlena assures Carrie she will be there for her. Austin & Carrie spend the rest of the morning rollerblading. John continues to make a fuss over Marlena and reassure her that all the things she did while possessed were not her fault but the Demon’s. Marlena has a vague memory of Sami and thinks she may be responsible for Sami running away. Vivian tells Lucas that Sami is in jail. He is furious. He tells Viv he is flying to Seattle and that Sami had better be out of jail by the time he gets there or he is telling Victor about her schemes. This motivates Viv to arrange for bail, and to accommodate Sami in a luxury hotel. Sami is surprised and suspicious to learn that Vivian is her benefactor. Vivian says she just wants to help and asks that all Sami does in return is to not tell anyone of her part in helping Sami.

Lucas warns Vivian to get Sami on the next plane to Salem. Sami's suspicious of Vivian's offer of help, but decides to use it to get back to Salem. She looks through dresses from the hotel boutique and gets money from Vivian to get a makeover. The lawyer also managed to get her ankle restraint removed, so she can leave Seattle. Back in Salem, Carrie tells Austin that they should spend this night before their wedding apart. Austin whines, but agrees. He's still feeling guilty that he didn't tell Carrie about him sleeping with Sami, but Carrie said she doesn't want to know who the person was, and Sami didn't want him to tell anyone either, so Austin decides it's for the best that he keep it to himself.

Vivian explains to Sami that she bought her a ticket for the first flight back to Salem tomorrow. Vivian arranges to have dinner with Sami and Ashley that evening so she can keep an eye on them. In the meantime, Sami disappears for a while to 'take care of some things'. She says she has a plan that will shock everyone. Lucas is very high- strung about having Sami return in time for Carrie and Austin's wedding. Vivian assures him all is well. Sami calls and changes the reservation to leave tonight. In the morning, Vivian discovers Sami is gone, but she's unaware that Sami's already on her way back to Salem. Brady's Pub is readied for Austin's bachelor party. Lucas looks thrilled to pieces (not). Austin brings Carrie to her grandparents to spend the night before their wedding, even though he can't stand the thought of sleeping alone tonight.

Vivian tries to get Ashley to reveal where Sami went, and Ashley says she doesn't know. Celeste disguises her voice and tries to convince Jennifer not to go to Aremid. The men of Salem gather at Austin's apartment for his bachelor party. The party is a bomb. John isn't in a party mood. Lucas is too busy calling Vivian every two minutes. Victor's an old fart. Jack and Peter glare at each other. Then they hear what a great time the ladies are having at Carrie's party at the Brady Pub, and decide to crash it. They walk in as three strippers strut their stuff for Carrie and friends. Austin and Jonah decide to take off their shirts and boogie as well. Then Peter joins in. Before leaving the party, Carrie throws a bunch of flowers for 'practice'. Gina catches it. Sami arrives in Salem, and talks to Jamie. Sami has plans, so Jamie is not to tell anyone that she's in Salem. Sami sneaks into Carrie's room at the Brady's and sees her wedding dress. She picks up a pair of scissors. She sneaks out of the room before anyone sees her.

All of Carrie's and Austin's friends and relatives arrive at the church for the big wedding [except for Bo, who calls to say he missed his flight and won't be back in time. After Ivan and Vivian fly back to Salem, Lucas warns her that if Sami does not stop the wedding, he will tell Victor everything about her scheming to win his love. As the wedding begins, Mickey spots Sami in the hallway, and stops the wedding. She is momentarily thrilled when everyone welcomes her home. Marlena especially gushes over her. Sami cringes as Carrie embraces her. Austin looks shocked and nervous. But when Carrie helps her get dressed to be her maid of honor, Sami's anger returns when Carrie admits that Austin told her about his one-night stand with the mystery woman. The wedding begins again. To those who might be wondering, Shawn walked Carrie down the aisle. The bridesmaids (Billie, Gina, Wendy, and Marlena) wore lavender. With Carrie and Austin and the wedding party standing at the altar, Sami faints.

On Friday, as the wedding gets underway, Sami passes out, but Jamie realizes that she's faking it. When Sami comes to, she mentions she's concerned about her baby. Austin is shocked to hear her. With big tears in her eyes, Sami tells Carrie and Marlena that she's about five months pregnant, and claims not to have found out until her car accident in Seattle. Carrie and Marlena realize that Sami got pregnant before she ran away, so the father must be in Salem. They ask who the father is, so they can make sure he takes resposibility for his actions. Sami blubbers about how when she found out she was pregnant, she just wanted to come home. She claims not to have known that it was Carrie and Austin's wedding day. She sobs that she was hoping Carrie would never find out.... that the father of her baby is Austin. Austin tells Jonah he can't believe this is happening. Jonah tries to calm Austin, since they don't know for sure Sami is pregnant or that the baby is his. Vivian guesses what Sami is up to, and Lucas is thrilled to think that Carrie won't marry Austin.

On Monday, Carrie lectures Sami that she's blaming others for her own mistakes. Sami claims that she only made love to Austin once, and ran away so that she wouldn't hurt her sister. Carrie remembers finding a lipstick mark on Austin's pillow, and she walks back out to the altar where Austin is standing]\ and slaps Austin for betraying her. John intervenes and takes the two to talk privately and try to work things out. Austin apologizes and claims that he was drunk and thought Sami was Carrie. Carrie can't believe that he was so drunk that he can't remember how it happened. She says she can't marry him, and throws her bridal veil at him and leaves. Questioning Jamie, Lucas accuses her of knowing that Sami was pregnant. Marlena reveals to John that Sami told Carrie that Austin is the father of her unborn baby. Marlena tearfully tells John that "her two girls" are in so much pain, and she doesn't know how to help them. Watching Carrie run from the church in tears, Lucas gloats that now he has a chance to be with her. Sami notes Carrie's exit as well, and assures Jamie that once Austin realizes how much she loves him, they'll be together and get married and she'll have his baby and they'll live happily ever after. 

Sami's victory is short-lived when Austin refuses to have anything to do with her. She fakes a crisis with the baby in order to force him to go to the hospital with her. Everyone is understandably cold toward Austin, who can't apologize enough for what has happened. Sami asks him if he'll be there for her and their baby. Meanwhile, Lucas comforts Carrie and he suggests that maybe the situation isn't Sami's fault, but Austin's for leading her on. After all, he knew Sami had a crush on him, and Sami was very vulnerable after she was raped by Alan. Carrie looks at the state her life is in and cries on Lucas' willing shoulder.

On Wednesday, Austin assures Sami that he will do what he can for her and the baby. Sami is distraught, however, that Austin hasn't asked her to marry him yet, and appears to still be deeply in love with Carrie. Sami then brings Austin with her to watch the sonogram of the baby every- thing appears to be fine. Lucas takes Carrie to Austin's apartment to box up her things as she's moving out. Lucas suggests Carrie stay with him at the Kiriakis estate so she won't be running into Austin so much. Carrie then talks with Marlena by phone from Austin's apartment, and Austin decides to rush over there even though everyone has told him to leave her alone for now, when Austin insists that he only loves her, Carrie states that she can't forget the pain he's caused, and with Sami and Lucas secretly watching, Carrie hands back the engagement ring. Meanwhile, Carrie had asked Lucas to get her something to eat at Brady's Pub, since she hadn't eaten all day. Carrie finished gathering her belongings and finds a note and wedding present from Austin. It's a pendant with two gold hearts. Austin enters and begs her forgiveness. She says she probably would have married him if he had slept with anyone but her sister. Sami happily gloats that soon she will be wearing Austin's engagement ring. Lucas asked Sami if she was sure the baby was Austin's, and she said it was.

Austin assures Sami that he will be there for her and the baby, he also insists that he is still in love with Carrie and wants her back. He looks at the sonogram of the unborn baby and is overwhelmed by the fact that he is going to become a father. Victor spoils Lucas' plan for a romantic dinner for Carrie by interrupting with the statement that Kate always wanted Austin to be with Carrie. Victor thinks that Austin should be punished for his mistake, but not so far as to lose Carrie forever. Carrie declares that she is through with Austin. She admits to Lucas that in a way she is jealous of Sami, because she wanted to have Austin's children.

Ugly confrontation when Carrie runs into Austin while picking up wedding gifts to return from her apartment. Carrie tells Austin that she cannot understand why he would sleep with her sister. She gives him the wedding band back, which they had inscribed "Love born out of truth will never die". Since she can no longer trust Austin, Carrie says she will never, ever marry him.  Austin confides to Billie that he doesn't remember making love to Sami. He remembers going to bed, smelling Carrie's perfume, dreaming of making love to Carrie, and waking up with Sami. The two discuss the fact that he is usually unable to make love once he's had too much to drink. Billie is suspicious of the situation and the timing of Sami's appearance. Lynn runs into Jamie and Sami at the mall and mentions the drug she told Sami about, the one that would enable her to get any man she wanted. Sami claims not to remember the conversation, but starts to worry that Lynn will ruin everything, and enlists Lucas' help. Carrie talks with Sami about what happened between her and Austin. Since Austin can't remember, she wants to know what really happened. Sami lies through her teeth and said she didn't notice that Austin was drunk. He just seemed really happy, and he was saying such nice things to her. One thing led to another. Carrie hesitatingly buys it. Later, Lynn hears from Carrie that the wedding is off, and wonders aloud what happened.

Sami tells Lucas that there could be trouble because nurse Lynn remembers telling Sami about the drugs she used on Austin. Lucas orders Sami to keep Austin away from Lynn, and he'll keep Lynn away from Carrie. Lucas is relieved to learn from Carrie that Lynn failed to mention the drug. [Carrie wonders why Lucas is so interested in her conversation with Lynn, and he claims that he's just worried about gossip spreading around, so he tells Carrie to be careful what she says.] Lynn later talks with a nurse at the hospital about how she intends to become good friends with Carrie [she says it's because Carrie is a good person and needs the support of friends after what Austin did to her, but Lynn also knows that Carrie is good friends with Jonah, whom she still has feelings for.] Jonah wonders to Austin how he could have sex and not remember. [Billie wonders the same thing, and finally Austin wonders himself. After all, everyone is taking Sami's word for truth when she's been known to lie.  Billie admits to Carrie that she feels it's odd that Sami could show up on her wedding day. Austin questions Sami about the night they slept together and she slips, changing the story to the point where Austin begins to question her further. Realizing her mistake, Sami breaks down in tears to change the subject. Not wanting to upset her, Austin drops it. Later, though, he realizes that he has to get to the bottom of this if he ever stands a chance of getting back with Carrie. Sami vows to keep her story straight so Austin never finds out what really happened.

Jonah suggests to Austin that they go back to the Cheatin' Heart to see if Austin can retrace his steps on that fateful night, but when they arrive there, Austin insists that he only remembers having a single beer and nothing more. The bartender remembers nothing helpful from that night. Lynn shows up and throws herself at Jonah. She asks him why he's tying himself down to someone with a kid when he's a free spirit. Jonah says people change. Upon hearing that Austin can't remember what happened the night he cheated on Carrie, Lynn suggests that it was some kind of chemical imbalance that caused him to react so strongly to the alcohol. However, Austin has never reacted that way before or since. Jonah arranges for Wendy to bring Carrie to the bar, in hopes that she and Austin will be able to talk, and Jonah conveniently plays their song on the jukebox, but once Austin sees how hurt Carrie is by his presence, he runs out. He runs into Sami, who happened to be meeting Lucas to discuss what to do about Lynn. Sami turns on the tears and says everyone blames her for what happened and no one wants her around. She asks Austin if he wants her here. Austin hugs Sami and comforts her. Lucas offers a suspicious Lynn a job at Titan but explains that it will send her to Chicago to work. She's very interested, but Lynn wonders why Lucas is so anxious to have her move away.

Jonah urges Carrie not to write Austin off. Jamie hints to Sami that secrets have a way of revealing themselves. Sami learned that Austin was at the Cheatin' Heart trying to get details about the night he slept with her. She is deeply hurt and runs off, since the only person she could turn to, Austin, thinks she's lying too. Sami realizes she needs to think of a way to keep Austin from learning what really happened, or at least get him to stop asking questions. She gets an idea, and goes to the pay phone. Jonah talks with Carrie and Wendy about the night Austin slept with Sami, and speaks up in his friend's defense. Jonah says that if he thought Austin slept with someone else to hurt Carrie or because he didn't care about her, he'd support Carrie in breaking it off with him. But he believes that there is an explanation for what happened, and Carrie shouldn't eliminate Austin from her life just yet. Carrie and Austin wander off separately down to the pier, and Carrie overhears Austin's anguish. To herself, she admits that she still loves him. After hitting on Jonah and getting rejected again, Lynn accepts Lucas' job offer, prompting Lucas to think that he has Carrie right where he wants her now. Jamie overhears Sami making an appointment to terminate her pregnancy.

Sami asks Jamie to tell Austin about the abortion she's planning to get. Jamie is reluctant to get involved and lie to Austin, but Sami says if she doesn't help her then she will have an abortion. Jamie finally finds Austin and gives him the news, but before he can arrive Austin has car trouble. When Sami falls asleep due to the medication she was given just a mild sedative, but she reacted strongly to it, she is unable to stop the operation as she planned. Meanwhile, Carrie discovers that Sami has been calling a family planning center Carrie went to see Sami to talk to her, and found the phone number of the clinic. She calls and finds out that they offer birth control and pregnancy termination. She rushes out.

On Monday, Carrie figures out that Sami is having an abortion at the clinic. She runs into Lucas on her way to stop her and he drives her there. Austin finally gets to the clinic as well, and Sami is waking up from the anesthesia. Sami is relieved to hear that they did not perform the abortion because she is slightly anemic. Thrilled that Austin came to stop her, Sami asks if he really cares for her that much. He says something to the effect of  he'd die to prevent anything from harming their baby, and he says he's also protective of her too. Carrie chooses this tender moment to walk in, and quickly walks out unnoticed. Sami plays on Austin's sympathy and asks him to drive her home, since she still doesn't feel well.

Sami draws Austin closer by telling him that the baby kicked last night [he puts his hand on her stomach but feels nothing.] She talks him into taking her to the benefit magic show [and going shopping with her to buy a new outfit, since nothing fits anymore.] Sami tells Carrie that she's sorry about what's happened. Carrie likes the idea of Hope moving back in with her. Carrie decided to move back into the apartment, since she has to get on with her life. Austin runs into her and wonders how they'll handle living so close together.

It’s the date of the big charity magic show. Ivan begins the show with his magic tricks. On stage, Austin and Carrie are handcuffed together, and it is discovered that the key is lost! Sami gets upset, but Lucas tells her to chill out. Backstage waiting for someone to find the key, Carrie and Austin talk. Austin thinks it was fate that they were handcuffed together. He reminds Carrie that marriage is a spiritual union as well as a legal one, so they are already spiritually married. He doesn't love Sami. The two share a kiss. Carrie is in white, and Sami is wearing some loose flowery dress. Sami spots Mr. Panetta from Seattle [he's got business with Victor], who immediately recognizes Vivian as the nun. To Sami's relief, he says he won't say anything about her little incident in Seattle.

On Wednesday, still handcuffed together, Austin kisses Carrie, and she kisses him back. Carrie explains that Austin has to learn to live without her. She is relieved when the keys are found and they are separated. Tony offers to donate $20,000 if John is able to escape from the water torture trick without any help, but when John can't escape, Jamie runs for Austin's help. Austin has to break the lock on the tank with a crowbar. John is finally pulled out and brought back to life. Carrie thanks Austin for saving John's life Mr. Panetta tells Vivian that he remembers her from Seattle. Sami eavesdrops as Vivian denies ever being in Seattle.

To help keep Austin and Carrie apart, Sami blackmails Vivian into hiring her by telling Vivian what she knows about Mr. Panetta. Sami wants to work at Titan so she can keep an eye on Austin and Carrie and keep them separated. Vivian tells Ivan that Sami is more devious than she was at the age. At the gym, Sami pretends to get stomach pains when she spots Austin talking with Carrie. She's thrilled when Austin offers to help her exercise.

Victor invites Vivian to dinner and admits that he would do anything to have Austin and Carrie back together again. Austin asks Victor what he thinks of his new Countess Wilhelmina campaign proposaland he says he's impressed, but he'll need an experienced assistant to make it happen. Austin suggests Carrie, and Victor agrees. Billie has a chat with Carrie about the great true love that Carrie and Austin share, and she shouldn't give up on it. Austin asks Carrie if she'll work with him, and she agrees, on the condition that it's strictly business. Vivian tells Sami that since things are going so nicely between her and Victor, and she won't be part of keeping Austin and Carrie apart because Victor wants them back together their deal is off. She won't get Sami a job at Titan so she can keep Austin and Carrie apart. Sami then blackmails Vivian by reminding her that her grandmother Caroline doesn't trust Vivian, John would be interested in hearing about Vivian's schemes, Billie for some reason thinks Vivian is involved in Kate's death, and Abe would be more than happy to look into it if Sami asked. Vivian gives in. Victor suggests that Billie take the company jet to Santa Rosa to be with Bo, and they can sleep on the jet since there is no room at the hotel. Vivian tells Carrie and Austin that she has hired Sami as a consultant for young people. Countess Wilhelmina wants an 'inside' opinion from their target teen audience, and Vivian claims to need an assistant.
Carrie and Austin spend the night together working at Titan. They're working on a new Countess Wilhelmina campaign. Austin wants to find something that appeals to both males and females, and suggests love. Austin and Carrie start talking about love and try to envision advertisements. They envision a romantic scenario, which Carrie calls irresistable. Austin decides they should call the perfume they are promoting 'Irresistable'. Lucas and Sami discover the pair are there and quickly hurry over to spoil any chance they have at rekindling their romance. Lucas pretends he's giving Sami a tour of the place, since she starts working there tomorrow. Upon hearing Austin and Carrie's ideas for the campaign, Sami suggests focusing on young mothers/pregnant women, and how they still want to feel beautiful. Lucas takes some 'test' shots of Sami, and calls Austin over to be in the picture. Sami tells him she'll put the photo in her baby scrapbook. The baby kicks, and Austin is thrilled to feel it. Lucas asks Austin to take Sami home since he's staying at Titan late. Mission accomplished -- Carrie and Austin's time alone together is ruined.

Victor urges Austin not to give up on Carrie. Victor then helps arrange for Austin and Carrie to be paired up together again this year playing silly games like the 3-legged race, wheelbarrow, and egg toss. Sami works on Carrie's loyalty and conscience by complaining about how Austin has failed to be there for her as he promised. Carrie assures her little sister that he will be there for her. Meanwhile, Lucas gets his own ideas for keeping Austin and Sami together so that he can go after Carrie. Austin had taken Lucas aside and asked him to keep an eye on Carrie so she doesn't get involved with the wrong guy. Lucas then tells Carrie that Austin won't give his full attention to Sami as he ought unless he is convinced that Carrie will not give him a second chance. Carrie needs to get involved with someone else.

Lucas and Sami put their plan to separate Carrie and Austin into action. The first stepis to get Austin away from Carrie, and Sami accomplishes that by tricking Carrie into asking Austin to walk a dizzy Sami home Sami fakes another one of her "Oh-I'm-pregnant-I'm-so-fragile" spells. Lucas then suggests to Carrie that the best thing she can do to help her sister is to get Austin out of her own life. Lucas suggests that he pose as Carrie's new love interest.

Sami presses Lucas to put his plan to have Carrie agree to pretend to date him into action. Austin asks Carrie to go to dinner with him. They had won a free dinner at the Penthouse Grille at the Titan picnic. He says that Jonah and Wendy would come with them. She agrees. Lucas brings up his proposal to Carrie, and she turns him down. Austin meets Jonah and Wendy at the mall for lunch and shares his plans for the dinner. At first, they decline, but agree when Austin tells them that he wants to remind Carrie of what brought them together, instead of what ripped them apart. They leave, and Lucas comes up. Austin tells Lucas that he appreciates him looking after Carrie, and shares his plans for the evening, saying that if things go well, Lucas won't have to look after Carrie anymore because they'll be back together. Meanwhile, Sami and Carrie are having a sisterly chat. Sami tells Carrie that she's glad that things are going better between Carrie and Austin. Sami says that she appreciates all the time Austin has spent with her, and she wants to do something for him. She says that she'll invite him to the Pub and fix him dinner. Carrie tells her that she and Austin are going to the Penthouse Grille for dinner. Sami waxes poetic, saying that Carrie must go with Austin, but tell her everything afterwards, because she'll never go on a romantic evening like that! Later, Sami tells Lucas that she did her best to tug Carrie's heartstrings, and that if her ploy works, he'd better put his plan into action. Carrie sees Austin in the hall and calls the dinner off, but makes him promise to take Sami. Heartbroken, he agrees. He goes to his office and tries to work. Sami walks in and invites him to a dinner at the Pub--he invites her to the Penthouse Grille. Carrie tells Lucas that she'll try his plan if it will convince Austin that she's over him, and as long as Lucas knows it's not for real. Jonah and Wendy are at the Penthouse Grille waiting for Austin and Carrie, and are surprised when Austin walks in with Sami. She keeps saying that now she knows how Cinderella feels. Carrie and Lucas leave, and he reassures Carrie that they'll try it for one night and see how it goes. Jonah, Wendy, Austin and Sami are all laughing at a joke--when Lucas and Carrie walk in.

Austin is shocked to see Carrie with Lucas at the Penthouse Grille. He confronts her, but Carrie says that she's moving on with her life, and is pursuing a relationship with Lucas. Lucas emphasized that Sami really needs Austin,and he will not give her his full attention unless he realizes that Carrie will never take him back, so Carrie decided to take Lucas up on his offer to'pretend' to be involved with him.

Alice stops by the Brady's to pick up a cake from Caroline,and Sami was there happily baking cookies. Alice admits that it's asticky situation (Sami being pregnant with Austin's baby), but she still believes that true love will win out for Carrie and Austin, and Hope and Bo as well. Sami (with Austin on her mind) asks how one should let someoneknow that they care for them. Alice mentions being a kind person, under-standing the other person's feelings, etc. Sami admits to Austin that she misses her father. Billie reveals to Austin thatshe's leaving Bo and Salem, and is flying to Europe today. Sami stops by with some cookies to see Austin, and with Alice's advice fresh in her mind comforts him after saying good-bye to his sister. Fed up with his frustration at not being with Carrie, Austin takes Lucas to task for getting involved with Carrie when he agreed only to keep an eye on her for him. Carrie breaks up the two before punches can be thrown, and tells Austin that she's moving on with her life, not before going after Austin to let him have it, and learning that Billie has left. Billie left notes for Austin and Carrie, both of which said essentially the same thing -- that they belong together, and if they love each other, they should try to work things out. Austin asks Carrie if she still loves him. Before she can answer, Lucas and Sami arrive on the scene and Lucas tells Austin that Carrie doesn't have to answer him. Remembering her decision to discourage Austin so he'll be there for Sami, Carrie tells Austin that she no longer wants to be with him. 

Lucas sends Carrie for a checkup when he thinks she looks overly tired and is losing weight. There she runs into Sami who is at the hospital for another ultrasound. Austin couldn't go with her because of a business meeting, but it is canceled and he goes to be with Sami and finds Carrie with her, looking at the sonogram. The doctor asks if she wants to know the sex of the baby, and since Austin wants to be surprised, Sami chooses not to know.

Sami tells Austin that if they have a boy, she wants to name him Austin Jr. Seeing Austin peering at his unborn son on the monitor with Sami, Carrie can't take it anymore and tells them she has to go. Sami then has Austin feel the baby move inside her. When Sami asks if Austin can practice Lamaze exercises with her, Austin reveals he's going on a business trip for Victor to Green Mountain Lodge.
Lucas refuses to help Vivian with Victor. Vivian reminds Ivan that no one says no to her without regretting it. Lucas plans to send Carrie to Miami to supervise a photo shoot, as he feels she's upset and needs to get away from Austin, but Vivian arranges for her to be sent her to Green Mountain instead. She did promise Ivan and nobody says no to her. There, Carrie daydreams of being in bed with Austin when she is assigned the same room where they made love before. Austin later spots Carrie there.

Lucas brags to Sami that he's going to Miami to win Carrie's heart. When Sami gets stomach pains, Lucas calls to cancel his plane reservation, but Sami insists that he go. She'll feel much better knowing that he's with Carrie, she says. Sami refuses to help Vivian with Victor, so Vivian schemes to get even with Sami and Lucas. The doctor assures Sami that the stomach pains that she has been feeling are from tension.

At Green Mountain, Austin reminds Carrie that the room she's staying in is the room they shared the first time they made love. They both experience major flashbacks of the event. Carrie tries to get another room, but there isn't another available. Later, Carrie decides to go swimming in a pond and finds Austin already there. At the lodge where they first made love, Carrie and Austin find it impossible to forget the memories of the place. Both agree to try to put aside their differences while they're at the business conference. They spend a lot of time swimming and splashing around in the pond, and then return to the lodge for something to eat.Meanwhile, back in Salem, Sami is so pleased with herself that she brags to Jamie that she's going to drive up to Green Mountain lodge and surprise Austin there. She calls Austin, who of course doesn't mention that Carrie is there with him. It is glaringly obvious that these two are fighting their feelings for each other.

Austin refuses to give up on Carrie's love and pleads his case with her. Carrie admits that she still loves him, but she can't get past his betrayal. The two discuss the situation and eventually Carrie comes around. She got upset and ran out in the rain. Austin finds her in the woods, and overhears her talking about how much she still loves him. They start kissing passionately and then she pushes him away and starts beating on his chest, agonizingly asking "why" and Austin lets her get her anger and frustration out. He carries her back to lodge, where he builds a fire and the two get cozy. Meanwhile, Sami learns that Carrie and Austin are together at the ski lodge. She freaks and decides to drive out there immediately. Jamie stops her and threatens to tell Marlena. Sami agrees that she's over- reacting. Jamie goes to do homework and leaves Sami by herself, who promptly goes to Titan and takes Lucas' car keys from his desk. She hops in his car and speeds toward the lodge in the pouring rain. Lucas returns from Miami since Carrie isn't there and he and Jamie discover that Sami has taken off in his car. An upset Sami drives wildly through the storm to try to prevent Carrie and Austin from reuniting. Too late. They're getting very cozy by the fire, and change out of their wet clothes into bathrobes. Austin pleads with Carrie to give their relationship another chance, and to start anew tonight. Lucas manages to reach Sami on his car phone, and warns her about the storm that is hitting the mountains. But as they talk, Sami drives off the road and crashes into some bushes. Realizing the car phone has gone dead, Lucas calls to tell Carrie and Austin and interrupts their almost lovemaking. He tells that Sami may have crashed. The three later go looking for Sami. They find Lucas' smashed up BMW with an unconscious Sami inside. They can't get the door open.

Austin announces to Carrie that when Sami is better, he will tell her that he and Carrie are back together and Sami will be happy for them. Carrie is clearly filled with guilt when she learns from Lucas that Sami rushed out to the lodge looking for Austin when he hadn't answered his phone. Carrie remembers that she is the reason he didn't answer it. Sami panics when the baby's heartbeat slows down. Mike mentioned she was having contractions, and Sami can't take the pain.

At the hospital, Carrie confides to Lucas that she blames herself for what happened with Sami, and admits that she and Austin were going to make love. Seeing the pain her sister is in, Carrie goes to the hospital chapel and prays, telling God that if Sami and her baby come through this OK, Carrie will stay away from Austin forever. Lucas eavesdrops and thinks that would be best for all involved, especially him. Carrie reveals to Lucas that she will give up on Austin if the baby is safe. Mike announces that Sami's baby is fine. Carrie gives Austin the news that it's over between them. She says they were living a fantasy at Green Mountain Lodge, and the reality is they can never be together. Sami needs Austin.

Lucas confides to Sami about Carrie's promise to never be with Austin again. Still, Sami worries about Carrie and Austin being together. Vivian learns that Sami was in an accident on her way to Green Mountain lodge, and Victor mentions going to see her. Vivian quickly offers to go instead and bring her some flowers since Victor is waiting for a business associate to arrive. At the hospital, Vivian threatens Sami and Lucas with exposing their respective schemes if they blab to Victor about what she did. They agree to keep quiet. Sami packs to leave the hospital, and announces that she's moving in with Austin. AT his apartment, Carrie tells Austin that he must accept the fact that they can never be together. After Austin leaves her apartment, Carrie's upset and tries to cheer herself up by putting on a little white nightie and lighting a bunch of candles and listening to music. Austin's upset, too, and returns to Carrie's apartment where he takes off his shirt and asks Carrie if she doesn't still love him. He tells her about a dream he had of them being together, and their hearts beat as one. He takes her hand and places it on his heart. Sami arrives at Carrie's place and spots the two together with Austin's face in Carrie's chest.

Sami interrupts Carrie and Austin's embrace, and later Austin asks Sami for her help in getting him back together with Carrie. Knowing about the promise Carrie made to stay away from Austin, Sami agrees to help and tells Austin that all three of them should meet to talk about the situation. Austin goes out to get dinner. Sami calls Lucas and tells him she's setting up a romantic evening at Carrie's place for him, and asks him to leave the front door open to further her plan. She then loosens the light bulbs at Carrie's place so she'll have to use candles and puts Austin and Carrie's song in the CD player, instructing Lucas to turn it on. Lucas invites Carrie to dance, and she hesitates, but Lucas encourages her to deal with it - he'll do whatever he can to help. When Austin stops by, he spies Carrie and Lucas slow-dancing in the candlelight. With Lucas' advice to 'be strong', Carrie tells Austin that she's busy with Lucas and closes the door on him.

Austin suggests Bo take Hope out for dinner and dancing so that he can be sure he has no feelings for her before Billie comes home. Bo of course insists that he loves Billie now, but Austin says Billie is not convinced. Bo urges Austin not to give up on his love for Carrie. Meanwhile, Hope admits to Carrie that she thinks it's not too late for Jack and Jennifer to get back together, and for Carrie to reunite with Austin as well. Carrie confides her vow to give up Austin for Sami's sake. Hope doesn't think that Carrie should hold herself to such a promise made out of desperation. Carrie wonders if Hope and Bo will get back together. Hope says she literally begged Bo to give their relationship another chance, and he chose Billie. It's over. Carrie goes for a walk on the pier and runs into Austin. She immediately turns around to leave, but he asks that she stay. The two chat and Austin comes up with a plan to get Hope and Bo together. Shawn-Douglas had to collect shells for science class during a school field trip to a local island, but he forgot them there. Bo promises Shawn-Douglas that he'll get them before class tomorrow. Carrie and Austin separately convince Hope and Bo to go to the Island, and the two run into each other.

Sami asks Austin if she can stay with him until the baby comes. Grandpa Shawn has contracted chicken pox and Sami can't be exposed to it. Realizing he doesn't want her to he tells her he's still in love with Carrie, and while he'll be there for her when the baby is born, there's no chance of a relationship between them, Sami offers to call another friend. She actually returns to the old Brady house, which has no lights and electricity since Marlena and Roman left it. Later when she cries about being alone, she suddenly suffers a stomach pain.

Sami's frightened that she's going into labor and no one knows she's staying at Roman and Marlena's old house. As she thinks about Austin and moans that she's done everything she could but he still loves Carrie, she realizes her water has broken. Meanwhile, Caroline congratulates Austin and Carrie on playing cupid with Bo and Hope. Wendy and Jonah then arrange for Carrie and Austin to be locked in Carrie's apartment together. Jonah messes with Carrie's lock so that once closed, the door wouldn't open. Alone, Austin boasts to Carrie that they belong together. Jonah's plans for them are ruined when he has to open the door and inform them that no one knows where Sami is.

Though her water has broken, Sami isn't worried yet because first babies take a long time to be born. She stubbornly refuses to call Austin just yet. But her contractions become more intense and closer and closer together. Suffering from contractions, Sami is unable to call the hospital because the phone is disconnected. Meanwhile, Jonah, Carrie, and Austin have looked everywhere for Sami. Then Carrie gets a brainstorm and goes to Roman and Marlena's house. It's dark except for the candles Sami has lit. They find her in her room, unconscious. Carrie calls the paramedics to Marlena and Roman's old house for Sami. Sami apologizes to Austin for not letting him know where she was, but she didn't realize she was about to go in labor, and he had said he didn't want her to stay with him. As Sami moans through her pain and wonders if God is punishing her and her baby, Carrie recalls the promise she made about leaving Austin if Sami's baby was ok. The doctor performs a C-section on Sami as the baby's heartbeat drops to a dangerously low level. Austin remains at her side and holds her perfectly hand. Marlena tries to make Caroline and Maggie realize the change in Stefano when he orders sandwiches brought in for everyone at the hospital waiting for news on Sami's baby, but they won't hear it. Marlena pushes Carrie to get back with Austin. Carrie believes that Austin is where he belongs with Sami.

When Carrie tells Marlena about her promise to give up on Austin, Marlena urges her to reconsider, especially since she also made a vow to Austin. Lucas eavesdrops and silently hopes Carrie won't listen to Marlena. Austin congratulates Sami on giving birth to a little boy. Carrie fantasizes about being in Sami's place, and Sami decides to name her son William, in honor of Austin's sister Billie. Seeing how upset Carrie is seeing Austin and Sami and the baby, Lucas suggests they leave and get something to eat. Marlena notices Austin alone on the terrace and encourages Carrie to talk to him. While they talk, there is an emergency with baby William.

Austin comforts Sami when they are told her baby is very ill with a bacterial infection. When Austin asks the doctor how it happened, she suggests that it might be due to the amount of time that passed from the membranes rupturing to when Sami was taken to the hospital. A guilt-ridden Austin confides to Carrie that he should have allowed Sami to stay with him.

Lucas reveals to Sami that Marlena has been pushing Carrie to go back to Austin. Lucas then tells Austin that Sami needs him, and Austin decides to spend the night at the hospital with Sami. Austin asks Carrie what she wanted to discuss with him earlier, but she says it's not important.

Carrie tells a shocked Lucas she wants to go to the hospital and tell Austin she wants to get back with him. Austin comforts Sami and tells her Will is going to be all right. Lucas tries to persuade Carrie not to go to speak with Austin. She tells him Sami doesn't have to hear that. The Woman in White goes to watch the wedding from another window and is almost near Sarah, who also watches from the outside. Carrie heads to the hospital. Sami and Austin watch a sick Will in the hospital and Austin tells her they have to be strong as she cries. Carrie and Lucas arrive to the hospital. Carrie tells Austin she has something very important to tell him. Carrie tells Austin she loves him and she never stopped loving him and that she came to a decision, the nurse interrupts and tells Austin to come right away. Sami cries that something is wrong again. Carrie agonizingly looks at Austin comforting Sami. Marlena joins there and tells her that Sami may need Austin now, but in the long run, Austin will need her (Carrie) and want her.

Austin tells Jamie he feels bad for refusing Sami's request to come and stay with him, and for being so rapped in trying to get Carrie back and thus, neglecting Sami. Still clueless as to the latest occurrences in Aremid, Marlena advises Carrie not to give up on Austin, despite Sami. Carrie takes her up on her advice and invites Austin to dinner at her place. Austin tells Carrie everything is about to change now that the baby is born. Their talk is about to evolve, but Caroline breaks it with the news about Tony being shot.

Lucas tells Sami that they need to drive a permanent wedge between Carrie & Austin. Sami agrees and comes up with a plan. Carrie & Austin worktogether to finish a business proposal and Carrie becomes convinced they can become lovers again. She tells Lucas who tries to dissuade her unsuccessfully. Carrie is shocked to find that Sami & Will are moving in with Austin.
Sami tries to keep Austin at home with her and Will. Austin goes to work where he & Carrie discuss working together. Sami calls Austin to come home. Austin, Carrie and Lucas all go. Lucas tells Sami she needs to work harder to keep Austin away from Carrie. Victor visits Carrie to congratulate her on her work. He encourages her not to give up on Austin. Carrie talks Victor into being a subject of an article on computer dating.

Austin works from home to keep an eye on Will & Sami. Carrie also works from home and she & Austin work in her apartment. Sami & Lucas conspire to get Carrie to the office. While Carrie showers, Austin drops a cup. She comes out of the shower. Sami sees a towel-clad Carrie with Austin and gets upset. Will's crying interrupts an almost kiss between Carrie & Austin. Later Austin comforts an upset Carrie and this is witnessed by Sami.

Sami dreams Austin wants to marry her. Austin dreams that he and Carrie are together. Carrie tells Jonah that she wants to reunite with Austin. Wendy gives Sami some of Benjamin's old clothes. She realizes that Sami wants to be with Austin. When Sami learns Carrie will be at the Titan party she convinces Austin to join her at the Brady's. Carrie and Lucas leave the Titan party and go to the Brady's. Wendy, Jonah, Jamie, Shawn and Caroline conspire to get Carrie and Austin to kiss under the mistletoe. They do and everyone joyously watches the two, but not Sami.

Sami's plans to spend Christmas with Austin are ruined when Carrie and Lucas stop by. Sami manages to get rid of them and suggests Austin takes Will for a walk while she prepares dinner. Sami tells Jamie she intends to impress Austin with dinner so he will forget about Carrie. While on their walk, Austin runs into Carrie. Carrie offers to look after Will while Austin does some sketching. He draws a picture of Carrie holding Will. Austin invites Carrie to dinner.

Sami is upset when she learns Austin and Carrie are planning a New Years party for the residents of the building. She calls Lucas for help with an idea to break Austin and Carrie up. Lucas says that he can see how happy Carrie is and does not want to ruin her happiness, even if she is with Austin. Sami tells Jamie she will go to someone else for help.

Sami tells Vivian to arrange for Carrie to go out of town on business. Vivian refuses and explains that Sami has no hold over her. Sami returns home and has a genuine dizzy spell. The doctor orders bed rest and Austin cancels the party to look after Sami. Sami then overhears Austin and Carrie planning to meet on the roof at midnight to discuss their relationship's future.

Sami puts Austin's clocks back 15 minutes so he will miss his midnight date with Carrie. She calls Lucas to suggest he meet Carrie. Carrie is disappointed that Austin did not show and tells Lucas that she is through with Austin. Austin is surprised to find Carrie is not on the roof. He goes to her apartment and sees Lucas. Sami smiles as she overhears Lucas telling Austin that Carrie is celebrating the New Year with him.


John frees Marlena from the demon, sees Isabella as an angel, and gets together with Kristen. Tony shoots himself and frames John for his murder, Kristen can't trust John. John is tried and sentenced to death. Marlena believes in his innocence. John writes the letter saying he'll always love Marlena.

Ginagets the puzzle box open and finds out she's Hope. Billie leaves Salem to allow Bo and Hope time to be together (Goodbye Lisa Rinna), and Bo and Hope begin to find their way back to one another.

Vivan tries her best to hide her marriage to Victor and that fact that she put a mickey in Kate's pilot's coffee and that's why she crashed. Kate is not dead, just picked up by fishermen and is hostage.

Jack comes back (as Mark Valley) and Jennifer marries Peter anyway. 

The Lady in White is running around Aremid and no one knows who she is.